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client first
& community focused

As a community-centered legal enterprise, True North Legal Group is deeply rooted in Northern Michigan.  Our focus has always been to deliver world-class legal advocacy to the people of Northern Michigan and to help this community grow and develop.

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Practice Areas

Every action we take and every decision we make in your case will be with one goal in mind – to get you the best possible result in that case. When choosing a lawyer, consider the qualities that resonate with you and align with your expectations. With a commitment to service, the team at TNLG focuses on communication, compassion, and integrity.

As a small business ourselves, we understands the hurdles and obstacles that entrepreneurs in Northern Michigan must overcome to be successful.
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TNLG is deeply invested in the success of Northern Michigan, and we recognize the tremendously important work that nonprofit organizations do in the region.
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We work tirelessly to ensure that every veteran is treated with dignity and respect in our community.
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You have rights as an employee, and we are experienced and adept at fighting for them.
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There is one thing you want and need when you’re facing criminal charges – an experienced trial lawyer on your side.
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Equal rights are a community issue, and TNLG exists to support and defend this community in Northern Michigan.
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a relentless pursuit of what’s right

Hiring the right attorney to represent you in Northern Michigan is a critical decision that can significantly impact your future.  The team at True North Legal Group is here to fight for your rights, protect your reputation, and work tirelessly for you.​ 

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"... Mr. Traeger was the perfect attorney to represent me with his background and experience..."

— Scott B.

"... Josh Traeger is extremely well networked in the legal community, an absolute powerhouse in the court room, he fights for every inch, and is well known for his exceptional results..."

— Ben C.

"... Josh truly is a professional and patient attorney that I would recommend to anyone seeking help. He will not give up and he will not fail even when you may think there is no hope..."

— Brady F.


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