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Mission & Values

1) Client First, Community Focused.

At True North Legal Group, we put the needs and wants of our clients first. We prioritize finding and establishing ways to support and transform the lives of those that trust us with their legal issues. We engage with and listen to clients as they share the good, the bad, and the other of their individual circumstances. Our clients’ satisfaction is the leading metric of our success.

But in helping our clients, we do so with community in mind. We believe that any client’s individual success can ultimately contribute to the greater good of our Northern Michigan community. Likewise, our firm’s success should transform this region. Those that work at True North Legal Group are seen as role models and leaders in our community. We work tirelessly to make Northern Michigan a better place for all that call it home.

2) Relentless Pursuit of What’s Right

The legal process is rooted in a search for justice, and the team at True North Legal Group plays a critical role in the pursuit of what is right. We believe in the simple mantra to “do the next right thing.”

Thus, we prioritize a robust investigation in each case, comprehensive research of the legal issues involved, and a firm understanding of the facts. We resist the trend of coming to easy “agreements” or cutting a quick “deal.” Through extensive trial experience, we have learned that agreements or deals do not always align with the best interest of our clients or the accomplishment of the right result. We are prepared to take every matter to court, whether a court of law or the court of public opinion, because only then can we truly protect our clients’ rights and freedoms.

3) Consistent Communication

We value collaborative and transparent communication. We speak plainly and openly with our clients about their case and their future. In return, we expect clients to be candid about their personal circumstances and to completely share their story with us.

We also recognize that clients come to us at some of the most stressful and difficult times in their lives. We feel privileged to help clients when their future is on the line. Knowing that the stakes are so high, we never want clients to feel lost in the legal process. We are dedicated to consistently communicating with our clients about their case and the way ahead, and we never want our clients to feel like they cannot get a hold of us.

4) Compassionate Approach

We approach each case with compassion. We understand that our clients are going through challenging times, and we harness the sympathy we have for our clients’ circumstances to deliver fantastic results. We know that approaching each case with compassion allows us to fully understand our clients and their stories, establish trust with all players in the legal system, build a case that helps us convey our client’s perspective, and maintain healthy perspective for what is the right result. We fundamentally believe that every human being is better than their worst circumstances and that each of us deserves the opportunity to achieve our goals and dreams.

5) Impeccable Integrity

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we never make promises we cannot keep. At True North Legal Group, we are impeccable with our word. We believe our ability to achieve great results, including agreements that truly serve our clients’ best interests, begins with being men and women of our word. We want community members, business owners, judges, prosecutors, opposing counsel, mediators, and all others involved in the community and its legal system to know that, when we say something, our word can be believed. Our professional integrity is at the core of our professional identity.

If you want to work with a team that puts clients first but also focuses on community, values the relentless pursuit of what’s right, and offers consistent communication, a compassionate approach, and impeccable integrity, you’ll find them at True North Legal Group.