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Criminal Defense

There is one thing you want and need when you’re facing criminal charges – an experienced trial lawyer on your side. Somehow who knows the community – the jury of your peers – that may ultimately decide your case. You want someone that has been in legal battles before, has presented criminal cases to a jury, and who knows how to help…and to win.

Here’s why True North Legal Group is your best option for criminal defense services:

But at True North Legal Group, we do things a bit different than other law firms. We approach criminal cases with community in mind. That happens in two ways – first, we know and are deeply involved in this community, which helps us understand how judges and jurors may view your case; and second, one goal we have in every case is to achieve the best result and successfully return our clients to their community. We want to ensure that our clients have a successful future – that, despite the charges they face, their life is ultimately determined by their ability to overcome and improve. We fundamentally believe that every human being is better than their worst circumstances and that each of us deserves the opportunity to achieve our goals and dreams. We want our clients to return to our Northern Michigan community ready to succeed.

We also recognize the importance of compassion in criminal cases. We know that approaching each case with compassion allows us to fully understand our clients and their stories, establish trust with all players in the legal system, build a case that helps us convey our client’s perspective, and maintain healthy perspective for what is the right result.

When confronted with criminal charges, it is critical to work with a legal team that has the experience, knowledge, and compassion to provide you with the best possible defense and ensure your future success.

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