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Business Startup & Development

As a small business ourselves, True North Legal Group understands the hurdles and obstacles that entrepreneurs in Northern Michigan must overcome to be successful. We are invested in the growth of our community, and we champion the efforts of small business owners in this region.

Within our Business Startup and Development practice, we offer legal services in two different ways.  First, if your business is in need of one-time legal assistance, such as a singular contract review or one trademark application, we will review the matter and provide a value-based price proposal that works for you.  However, our second model is much more practical.

With our subscription-pricing model, we offer Business Startup and Development legal services on a monthly, flat-fee basis.  Depending on the size, revenue, and legal needs of your company, we have three different pricing models.  Our "Startup Guide" model allows us to act as your trusted counsel from idea to launch.  Our "Small Business Advisor" program is built for growing business needing legal support every few weeks.  And finally, our "Out of House Counsel" model is designed for mature businesses seeking legal help multiple times a month.

These subscription-based models vary by price and offerings, but each allows True North Legal Group to act as your "general counsel" at a fraction of the cost of in-house lawyers or law firms that bill by the hour.  Our programs begin with a twelve-month commitment and allow us to be fully integrated as your business launches, grows, and scales.

Within each subscription model, we offer the following services:

Many of these services are "unlimited" under all pricing models, though some legal activities (such as trademark applications) may be limited by the pricing model you choose.  We also offer shareholder and equity management, entity management (to include annual report preparation and filing), registered agent services, insurance claim handling, and insurance policy review for our subscribing small businesses, among other Business Startup and Development legal services.  Please contact us for a detailed understanding of each pricing model and its related benefits.

No matter what model you choose, we are confident that our Business Startup and Development services will help improve the success of your business while providing certainty as to the legal fees involved.

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