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Reviews / Testimonials

True North Legal Group is the Diamond Standard for defense attorneys and will have your back through every step of the legal process. Josh Traeger is extremely well networked in the legal community, an absolute powerhouse in the court room, he fights for every inch, and is well known for his exceptional results. If your future is in the balance, you want the absolute best defense possible. Don't trust your livelihood, even your life, with anyone else. After making one phone call to Josh and his team I knew I wanted him on my side. Thank you for your services Josh and my positive outcome.

- Ben C.

My case seemed to contain no possibility of a positive outcome and that's when I found True North Legal Group. Josh's attention to detail and extensive knowledge of criminal law truly saved me. He went above and beyond ensuring I understood every step of the process and reassuring me he had my back. Thanks to him my case never went to court and was sorted out with no conviction and no lasting effects on my family or I. I can never thank him enough for the long hours he put in protecting me. Josh truly is a professional and patient attorney that I would recommend to anyone seeking help. He will not give up and he will not fail even when you may think there is no hope. If you are seeking legal assistance then Josh is the attorney you want in your corner.

-Brady F.

True North Legal Group was referred to my by a friend because I had been accused of committing a sexual assault. After a short consultation, I felt like Mr. Traeger was the perfect attorney to represent me with his background and experience. I thought Mr. Traeger was expensive, but since he seemed to be the most qualified attorney, I went with him and it was the best decision I've ever made in my life. He was on top of it from day one, gathering significant evidence/info in my defense. He gave me the confidence I needing walking into my hearing. My hearing lasted three days and Mr. Traeger was dialed in the entire time!! He crushed everything that the opposing party tried to throw at us. In the end, I  beat the charges and it was determined that I did not commit a sexual assualt. I would definitely hire Mr. Traeger again and I highly recommend him to anyone going through a similar situation.

- Scott B.