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Civil Rights

Equal rights are a community issue, and True North Legal Group exists to support and defend this community in Northern Michigan. When anyone’s rights are violated, we want to be involved. We will leverage our years of trial experience, excellent reputation in this community, and ability to get things done to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected and upheld.

We regularly represent individuals and families who seek to vindicate their civil and constitutional rights – in the workplace, in public accommodations, in schools, and in their dealings with state agencies and officials. We help children with disabilities when they are abused, discriminated against, or subjected to hazing in public schools. We represent individuals who have been the victims of discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, age, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status. And we bring claims against law enforcement agencies in cases of police misconduct, prison abuse, improper arrest, and rights infringement.

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