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Why a Veteran Lawyer Can Best Represent You

True North Legal Group is built from the vision of our Founding Attorney, Josh Traeger. Fortunate for us (and for you!), Josh is a military veteran with more than a decade of experience handling difficult legal cases. Josh handled legal issues in Korea, Japan, England, Germany, Italy, and twenty-seven different states (including Alaska and Hawaii).

Core to Josh’s identity is his military service. Josh spent ten years on active duty, and he received the Meritorious Service Medal three times during his career. As a military veteran, Josh brings a unique approach to legal services.

Here’s why a veteran lawyer like Josh can best represent you in your legal case:

1. Discipline and Work Ethic:

Military service instills an unparalleled sense of discipline and work ethic. Veterans like Josh are accustomed to rigorous training, strict adherence to protocols, and the ability to work diligently under pressure. This trait translates seamlessly into the legal profession, where attention to detail, dedication to clients, and tireless work ethic are fundamental.

2. Leadership and Decision-Making Skills:

Veterans often emerge from their service with robust leadership skills. Having led teams and operated in high-stakes situations, Josh is adept at making crucial decisions under stress. In legal practice, this skill proves invaluable, especially in handling complex cases where decisive action and strategic thinking are paramount.

3. Integrity and Commitment to Service:

The military places a high value on integrity and service to others. Josh carries these values into his legal career, prioritizing honesty, ethical conduct, and a commitment to serving his clients' best interests. Clients can trust that a veteran lawyer like Josh will uphold ethical standards and tirelessly advocate for them. The commitment to service is what motivated Josh to launch True North Legal Group.

4. Strong Communication and Advocacy Skills:

Military service often hones communication skills, as veterans must effectively convey information, orders, and ideas in diverse settings. This skill translates directly into the legal profession, where effective communication, both written and oral, is essential for advocating on behalf of clients in courtrooms and negotiations. As an example, the military trusted Josh to handle more than two hundred jury trials during his active-duty career. Those advocacy skills help Josh deliver excellent results for his clients.

5. Attention to Detail and Thoroughness:

Veterans are trained to pay attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of a situation is thoroughly examined. This meticulous approach carries over into legal practice, where careful analysis of evidence, documentation, and legal precedents can significantly impact the outcome of a case.

A Veteran Is Your Best Choice

Choosing a lawyer with a military background in Northern Michigan can offer you the unique advantage of these qualities, which directly benefit their legal practice. A veteran lawyer like Josh Traeger brings a blend of discipline, leadership, integrity, and strong advocacy skills to your case, ensuring that you receive dedicated, ethical, and effective representation.

When choosing a lawyer, consider the qualities that resonate with you and align with your expectations. A veteran lawyer like Josh offers a distinctive perspective and a commitment to serving you with the utmost dedication and integrity.

To work with Josh and the team at True North Legal Group, contact us.