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How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney in Northern Michigan

If you are facing criminal charges in Northern Michigan, it can be a very scary time. Your job, your future, and your freedom are on the line. Choosing the right attorney to defend you is of critical importance.

At True North Legal Group, we offer criminal defense services to people all over Northern Michigan. Whether you are facing charges for DUI or criminal sexual conduct, here’s what you should look for in a criminal defense attorney.

Experience and Expertise

First and foremost, you want an attorney with specific experience in handling your type of case. If you are facing DUI charges, find someone with experience handling DUIs. If you are facing criminal sexual conduct charges, find someone specifically experienced in that area. Experience matters greatly in navigating the legal intricacies of your case, understanding the nuances of every charge, and developing effective defense strategies.

Our founding attorney, Josh Traeger, started True North Legal Group after ten years on active duty in the military. He has tried more than 200 jury trials, ranging from DUI to criminal sexual conduct to attempted murder. You need a lawyer with that kind of experience and expertise handling your case.

Communication and Trust

Open communication and trust between an attorney and their client are essential. You should feel comfortable discussing the details of your case and trust that your attorney has your best interests at heart.

At True North Legal Group, our founding principles include consistent communication, a compassionate approach, and impeccable integrity. We pride ourselves on speaking plainly and openly with our clients about their case and their future. In return, we expect clients to be candid about their personal circumstances and to completely share their story with us.

We are dedicated to consistently communicating with our clients about their case and the way ahead, and we never want our clients to feel like they cannot get a hold of us.

A Prosecutor’s Perspective

Interestingly, we believe that another key attribute of a good criminal defense attorney is experience as a prosecutor. Former prosecutors have a unique ability to see both sides of a case. They understand how current prosecutors collect evidence and build their cases. They know all the prosecutor’s best arguments, because they’ve given the same arguments themselves. And they are able to identify and exploit the prosecutor’s weaknesses in order to achieve a just result for their clients.

With years of experience prosecuting cases, Josh Traeger knows how to leverage a prosecutor’s perspective to win criminal cases.

True Trial Experience

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you want a criminal defense attorney with true trial experience. There are very few attorneys in Northern Michigan who have truly taken a case to a jury trial. On the other hand, True North Legal Group’s Founding Attorney, Josh Traeger, has the experience of more than 200 criminal trials.

True trial experience creates battle tested attorneys. When you’ve tried more than 200 cases, you’ve truly “seen it all.” An experienced defense counsel knows how to cross-examine a witness who has refused to be interviewed before trial. An experienced defense counsel knows how to handle a criminal investigator whose testimony suddenly contradicts their written report. And an experienced defense counsel knows how to respond to a prosecutor’s attempt to introduce an unexpected piece of evidence.

All of this helps you get the best result.

Our Approach to Criminal Defense

At True North Legal Group, we have experience, a prosecutor’s perspective, and a dedication to communication and trust.

Hiring the right attorney to represent you in a criminal case in Northern Michigan is a critical decision that can significantly impact your future. The team at True North Legal Group is here to fight for your rights, protect your reputation, and work tirelessly for you.

If you're facing criminal charges in Traverse City and need a dedicated and compassionate legal advocate, don't hesitate to reach out.